10 steps to run a radio show online.

We are with DnBnoize.com for our radio streaming, and have been since their inception. DnBnoize.com now has a sister site called Urbannoize.com ... We can put you in touch with our friends at DnBnoize.com/Urbannoize.com if you want to start your own radio broadcast.

Anyway, here's what you'll need ...

1. A PC/Mac to record and transmit your stream.

2. A broadband connection.

3. A mixer & sound system.

4. Something to play the music ... usually CDJs, turntables, or with today's technology, a laptop (possibly with a midi controller).

5. A microphone for anouncements.

6. A pair of headphones.

7. Some cash ... stream providers usually charge a minimal monthly subscription for running costs.

8. Now make some free time to do your show. Maybe go for a regular weekly slot.

9. Contact your chosen radio stream provider and get the set up information.

10. Let us know what time the shows on, and don't forget to record your show.