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Subversiveminds album


Check my new album "Subversiveminds" written and produced by DJ Tyreid & Jay Nause from TJ Recordings due for release August 2010.

A mixture of progressive Trance, Techno, Minimal House.

Tell me what you think, your comments count so dont be shy!!

Specimen / Nightporter Aftershow featuring Gene Loves Jezebel live !

With 3 Floor Slime featuring EBM Floor, Trad Goth Floor and Industek floor, Courtyard Tube Train bar + BBQ + Pool and Cake and Slime Terror Karaoke room. Free admission for pre club show ticket holders!

Extras in... the mix !
Gass Mann & Chemical6 RETROSPECTIVE set from 00h00. Spinning you the best in classic Industrial and Ebm from 1990 to 2005. From Decoded Feedback, Numb, Genital-A-Tech, Implant and Leather Strip to the more conventional Skinny Puppy, The Young Gods, Sheep on Drugs, Apoptygma Berzerk, Front 242 and Covenant + they will be tearing up the floor with a brutal Industrial Techno/Hardstyle infusion later on in the morning... delicious!

Why does this aways happen to me when my hardware is broken!!?
Mixing CD's doesn't quite step up the mark as TRAKTOR does for me..or maybe it's because I haven't spent much time mixing CD's :P
:D :D

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